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my hideaway

13 December
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  • hikahoshi@livejournal.com
Doumo.. Hana desu.. Why hikahoshi?? IDK, the name just pop out my in my mind when i first register this LJ account. I was introduced to JE world by my cute friend, Tya. She gave me a BUNCH of her collection that MOSTLY NewS. But when i want to know more about NewS, i start to like other Johnnys boys ( Arashi, kattun, V6, SMAP, Tokio, T&T, Kinki Kids, Hey Say JUMP ).
But for now.. I LOVE HSJ the most. As Tya doesnt have the JUMP collection much, i have to find it on my own.. That's how i met u.. lol
Yoroshiku ne.. I love having new friends. So add me if u want to be friend with me..
My age?? People use to said that i m young than my age ( not matured i think ). But, who cares.. i love being myself..
Still studying.. So, sometimes i dont have time updating my LJ. Maybe only weekend n hols..